Statements of Belief

Statements of Belief

AATE's Statements of Belief

» We respect the enduring values and traditions of Australia’s cultural heritage.

» We believe students come to understand themselves and their world through engagement with a range of cultures and the ways these cultures represent human experience.

» We value the power of the imagination and literary expression to provide pleasure and enrich life.

» We are committed to developing powerfully literate citizens who are able to effectively participate and realise their goals and aspirations in the twenty first century.

» We use research and evidence to inform practice and improve the learning of students.

» We are committed to ongoing professional learning especially through active participation in a range of professional communities.

Download a pdf poster of the Statements of Belief, or call the AATE office on 1800 248 379 for a free poster or postcard-sized magnet (limited numbers available).

Download the full text of AATE's Statements of Belief, along with responses to the Statements, below: