AATE Interface Series

The AATE Interface Series comprises a range of books for teachers who are committed to researching their own teaching - teachers who work at the interface between theory and practice. Interface titles all have a practical edge, in that they include ideas developed in the classrooms, for use in the classrooms. Yet they are far more than a set of resources. The primary purpose of the AATE Interface series is to address significant issues in English curriculum and pedagogy, and as such it represents a substantial contribution to our knowledge as English teachers and literacy educators.

Interface titles can be purchased from the AATE online store (see link at the bottom of this page). Other AATE publications such as 'The Artful English Teacher', 'The Girl Who Married a Fly', 'Yield' and 'Hunger' can also be purchased online.

See link at the bottom of the page for AATE Interface Reviews.

AATE Interface titles published since 1998: